Charity gig night!

For my final big fundraising push a charity gig night was held live in my living room! Local musician Gary Osborne kindly offered to perform and family and friends were invited to attend the event at £5 a ticket. The response was brilliant even with a few people having to pull out last minute there was over 25 people squeezed into my living room for what was a very enjoyable night.


With drinks flowing nicely and Gary mixing up the set list with some of his own songs and a couple of classic covers from The Beatles, Oasis and more, everyone joined in with singing some of their favourites which included a really lovely rendition of ‘All My Loving’.

The night wouldn’t have been a proper event without a good old raffle on offer. There was plenty of choice thanks to some very kind donations which included many bottles of bubbly, tub of sweets and chocolates, two garden/kitchen pots from West End DIY, TredFlex £25 off voucher, £10 for LA Top Nails, photo album, picture frame, hand cream and a candle. You can see all the prizes in the picture below. The funky chicken pot that you can see in the top left of the picture was a huge hit with everyone wanting to get their hands on it. My mate Dave was the lucky winner of it and generated a lot of banter of ‘chicken guy’ for the rest of the evening. The raffle alone helped raise £131 and adding that to the ticket sales the grand total that the event raised was £261!

A massive wholehearted thank you has to go to Gary for performing on the night as if it wasn’t for him the £261 would never have been raised. I received rave reviews of his performance from family and friends and of course huge thanks to them too for attending and making the evening such good fun!

On the training front it all seems to be going well. I’ve kept my running at no more than an hour so not to aggravate my shin splints. My pace has improved and is nearly back to what it was pre-injury but I will still run the marathon at a slower pace so not to run myself into the ground. I do wish I had reached at least 20 miles in my training for peace of mind but it’s not to be. With only a few weeks to go, my running now begins to taper off so that my legs are well rested for the big day. Instead of doing hour long runs in the week I’ll reduce this to 30/40 minutes and then for the final week I will probably do a 30 minute run and then a walk/easy run on the Thursday. My legs will get a little work out on the Saturday prior to the marathon when I’m in London collecting my race pack and maybe a spot of sightseeing too.

My fundraising total now sits at a very healthy £2,359.20 which is 17% over my target! It would be really great if I can reach £2,500 so hopefully I will get some more donations leading up to the marathon and on the day itself. If you haven’t donated and wish to do so please visit my Just Giving page. All proceeds go directly to the charity. Thank you!

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