Minor set back

I managed my longest distance of 16-17 miles a couple of Sundays ago when I was out for a good 2 and a half hour run. It felt good to reach this distance and I felt quite comfortable for 2 hours but the last half hour was tough going.

Since this run I’ve had a slight niggle on the inside of my right leg around the ankle area. I’ve managed a couple of small runs on it since but the pain is coming on around the 20 minute mark. I therefore went to see Rachel Perkins at Painful Locations for a good sports massage treatment and she also taped it to support and compress the area. Unfortunately, the pain still persists and the injury has pretty much been confirmed as shin splints due to overuse.

It’s an incredibly frustrating set back and I’m trying to remain positive as there is still plenty of time till the marathon. When looking at the beginners 16 week marathon training programme I am way ahead of schedule with my mileage but it is hard not to get a little down about it as it hasn’t been that long since my last niggle with the ligament strain in my left foot. I guess it’s only natural to get issues when increasing the mileage.

So the set back means I’m off the running for at least a couple of weeks to give the area plenty of rest while giving it some TLC by keeping it taped up, well stretched and slapping on the magnesium oil to aid recovery. The potential difficulty is I don’t get noticeable discomfort when walking so it will be tricky to tell when it’s suitably healed and I can start running on it again but I will follow the advice of Rachel and my personal trainer Ben.

If I’m not running I still need to keep my fitness up which means plenty of cycling on the spin bike in the gym. I would road cycle but for a start I don’t have a bike and I’ve never been confident with cycling on the road so I’m not going to risk starting now. I do find cycling in the gym incredibly boring and tedious but I don’t really have a choice. I will have to ensure I have a good audio book or album to listen to which will help me through it.

On a more positive note my personal training sessions with Ben are going really well. Not only are we focussing on strengthening my legs but also upper body areas too, which will all support my running especially at long distance. We were going to move on to some ankle stability and strengthening activities but that will have to be put on hold until my leg is better.

I’ve also got some awesome new training tees, kindly supplied by TredFlex to wear while I’m in the gym and out about on my runs. They are really useful at helping to spread the word of my charity fundraising as they have the Meningitis Research Foundation logo on them as well as stating London Marathon and the date, so people know what I’m up to. You can also now get 10% off on the TredFlex website when you enter the code ‘shaun10’ at checkout so it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to some new shoes!

tredflex-tee1    tredflex-tee2

Another positive is that my total is now at 97%!! I’m delighted that I’m so close to reaching my target and the fab support I’ve been getting. It definitely helps encourage me through the tough training and especially the injuries too. I just hope my recovery will be swift as of course when you are fundraising there is the added pressure of not wanting to let people down. Even if the niggles persist I will complete the marathon. It might mean throwing my target time out the window and running slow or walking sections of it, but I will do it! What I have to try and remember is that my fitness is very good and hopefully my muscle memory will kick in and I will get back on pace in no time. It’s all about positivity and listening to my body!

Thank you again for all the support so far and if you would like to help me reach my target for Meningitis Research Foundation you can donate by texting the code SSLM84 and the amount e.g. £5 to 70070 or through my Just Giving page. All proceeds go directly to the charity 🙂

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