Personal Training sessions

I’ve now had a few weeks of personal training sessions with Ben Hope (MSc Physical Activity, Nutrition and Health Performance, BTEC ND in Sport (Performance) and BSc Sport Science and Personal Training) and I am already starting to feel the difference.

Ben has completed half marathons and a marathon. Currently he is training in Strong Man Competitions and completed his first competition in November 2016 in which he finished 3rd. Knowing that Ben has completed a marathon before gives me great confidence that he is conditioning me in the right way to achieve my marathon goal.


My sessions currently consist of the following exercises:

  • High box barbell squats
  • Mid rack pulls
  • Static lunges
  • Shoulder elevated glute bridges
  • Wide leg presses
  • Slow tempo leg curls
  • Slow temp leg extensions

If you pop over to the TredFlex website, on their social media channels you can check out a short video of Ben putting me through my paces with some lunges. My legs certainly know once I’ve completed a workout and Ben has taught me the best warm up and after session stretches to help prevent injury and aid recovery. These have been incredibly useful as I’ve had issues with my right hip in the past and the warm ups and stretches are definitely helping in loosening it up.


Ben wants to add some hill sessions in my running training. These will consist of hill jogs, lunges, sprints, high knees and some interval work too. We should have started these sessions already but unfortunately I’ve had some irritation with the ligaments in my left foot causing me a fair bit of discomfort and has restricted my running this week.

I went to see Rachel Perkins, Sports Therapist at Painful Locations based in Thrapston just to have my foot checked over and thankfully there is no serious damage. Rachel gave my foot a good massage and has taped it up to give it some support. She also recommended using magnesium oil on the affected area and is going to show me how I can tape my foot up myself so that I can always have it supported while I’m running.

The irritation is likely to have been caused by me upping the mileage of late. At the weekend I completed two laps of Brixworth Country Park/Pitsford Reservoir for the first time which was a total of 13.5 miles! This is the longest distance I have ever achieved and is a good mileage to be at with 3 months still to go. I’m therefore not too annoyed about having to rest up for a bit and will be out again for an hour run on Sunday to see if the support is doing it’s job and whether I’m still getting any pain. Fingers crossed I will be ok, if not, I might be side-lined for a little longer.

Not only is Ben assisting with my physical training he is also helping to manage my diet too with some really useful nutritional advice. I’m now trying to include more protein in my diet and as my mileage increases I will be piling in the carbs too. I never knew how difficult it is to increase protein intake and using an app like MyFitnessPal has been instrumental in helping me follow a structured food diary.

Ben is based out of the Nene Centre in Thrapston, if you would like to speak to Ben about how he could help you achieve your goals, whether it be running a marathon like me or general overall fitness and nutritional advice, you can contact him on Facebook – Health, Fitness and Performance @HFPBenHope, on Twitter @HFPptbhope or telephone him on 01832 734090.


I’m now in touching distance of reaching 75% of my target. I’m hoping that another cake sale at work which is taking place at the start of February will take me beyond this milestone. If you would like to help me reach this milestone sooner you can now donate by texting the code SSLM84 and the amount e.g. £5 to 70070 or through my Just Giving page. All proceeds go directly to Meningitis Research Foundation, thank you!

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