Month off

In my last blog post I mentioned that I had suffered a slight calf strain. This happened when I was enjoying a lovely wet run around Brixworth Country Park on mile 6 with only 700 metres left of the circuit. Annoyed doesn’t come close to how I felt after this run. I can maybe expect my calf to tighten up on mile 1 or 2 if I haven’t warmed up properly but not on mile 6. I had been injury free for over 5 months and in this time have put my legs through quite a few challenges including a Tough Mudder, Desborough 10K, Tough Mudder Half and an Iron Run. Extremely frustrating!

I did go get my calf checked out through a sports therapist I’ve seen before who is incredibly good (Painful Locations based in Thrapston). Thankfully, there was no serious damage and largely just tightness but with the many calf strains I’ve had before in my left calf, there is a weakness in the junction point of the muscle. It’s going to be one of those niggles I’m going to have to work through and hope that my calf behaves itself till after the marathon.

After over a week of rest I managed a half hour jog round the streets of Rothwell and everything was looking promising with no tightness. Then at the following weekend I went for split session of walking and jogging. After 10 minutes of walking I started a light jog only to feel within 2 minutes my calf start tightening again. It was then that I decided to take the whole of November off running so my calf could rest and heal properly. I’ve never been very good at giving the appropriate amount of time for recovery but if I’m going to manage to train effectively for the marathon I really need to start listening to my body better.

I’m now half way through November and I’ve felt no tightness for a good two weeks which is great news. I’ve been making sure I’m using a roller on my legs often and stretching out lots. I’ve also been working incredibly hard at the gym to strengthen my glutes and hamstrings so that when I’m running they will help take the impact away from my calves. Big thanks to Simon Robertson for showing me some great kettlebell squats (they hurt like a bitch but its well worth it) and generally helping to improve my gym sessions with some excellent routines. My legs are feeling much stronger already and I’m still getting in some good cardio sessions even though I’m not running. But boy do I miss running, which is probably a good sign considering it will soon take over my life! I’m so eager to get out and see if my strengthening sessions have paid off but I said I’m not running for a month and I’m sticking to it. I’ve plenty of time to work on increasing my mileage and I’m confident I will meet my target of being at 10-12 miles by February where I will then be concentrating on a 10 week marathon training programme.

Enough about injury and training and now on to fundraising. A huge thank you has to go out to my wife, Nicola for her superb effort of selling lots of beautiful Christmas themed snowflake earrings (there are about 5 sets left if you are interested). She has raised well over £300 which helps take my total to a very healthy £758 which is 37% of my target. It has also been confirmed that I will be having a bucket collection at ASDA Kettering on Saturday 10 December so please come and say hi and donate any of your loose change 😉 I’ve also put together a small festive hamper which includes a bottle of Prosecco; mince pies; selection box; Toblerone; biscuits; hot chocolate; Christmas mug, slate and cushion; and a candle. Expect raffle tickets to go on sale at the start of December!


Lastly, I’m looking for any businesses or organisations for corporate sponsorship. I will get training tops produced with the company logo on and any other details for when I’m working out in the gym and out running too. I will also advertise the company through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you are interested in this then please contact me or leave a comment and we can have a chat about it 🙂

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