Work cake sale

Wow what can I say, a very impressive cake sale was held at work this week with a few cakes left to sell on the following day too.  A grand total of £245 was raised through sales and donations, which was a great deal more than I expected, so as you can imagine I’m pretty chuffed!


I can’t thank those that baked and provided cakes enough, it really means a lot to me that there is so many people who want to help my cause.  Here is a list of who helped provide cakes and what they made/provided:

  • Nicola Sannerude – Lemon drizzle slices, chocolate chip cookies and cherry swirl biscuits
  • Judith Alix – Chocolate brownie cakes
  • Louise Morfitt’s mother – Lemon drizzle cake
  • Louise Spolton – A selection of fresh cream cakes
  • Angela Hook – Fruit cake
  • Ian Fletcher – Carrot and walnut cake
  • Lucy and Isabel Hawes – Cheese scones and British salted butter
  • Jane Stanhope – Chocolate cake and carrot cake cupcakes
  • Linda Jones – Cherry bakewells, lemon slices, coffee cake and blackcurrant sundaes
  • Giovanna Bezzina – Salted peanut millionaires
  • Amy and Alison Northwood – Mini Victorian sandwich cakes

cs4 cs3








As you can see there was a LOT of cake and biscuits!  All so very delicious and a shame I couldn’t try them all.  I also provided a fun game of guessing 6 random and exotic Kit-Kat flavours. Basically, my friend Katie lives in Japan and when I was visiting last year I was on a quest to try as many different flavoured Kit-Kats as possible. As a wedding gift Katie sent over some more flavours I had never tried before and so I thought it would be a perfect game to have as part of my cake sale. It went down really well and some colleagues did pretty well at guessing the flavours and the highest was 4 out of 6. It was pretty hilarious seeing people’s reactions to a few of the flavours which were pretty horrific and weird – Japanese Sake, Wasabi and purple sweet potato flavours!


My total is now just over £400 which is 20% of my target! Still a long way to go but I’m confident I will hit my target. On the training front I’ve taken a hit with a slight calf strain which is giving me a lot of tightness in my right calf at the moment. This will prevent me from running for a few weeks but thankfully it is nothing too serious and I can still do some strengthening exercises after I’ve rested it this week.

If anyone wishes to support my cause by running their own cake sale at their work place please let me know by leaving a comment, as I can help with advice and have some MRF literature and balloons. Also, if anyone wishes to donate directly they can do here. Thank you!


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