Slowly, slowly

I’ve been back now for over a week and the training is in full swing. Two days after I got back I went for a 3 mile run with a friend, mixing it up road running and off-road. We did it at a fairly slow pace which was needed as the temperature was a little too hot for my liking when I had been used to temperatures of mid to late teens while I was away and I also hadn’t fully recovered from jet lag. The run was therefore a bit of a struggle but it felt good too.

The two days I was back at work that week I made sure I went to the gym after work. On the Saturday, my rest day, boy could I feel the effects of the workouts. My back felt tight across the shoulders and my arms and legs ached real bad. I might have pushed myself a little but the pain told me I had certainly worked my muscles.

I did another 3 mile run on the Sunday morning, through the streets of Rothwell, hitting a view steep roads to test the legs. Again afterwards, I knew I had given my legs a proper workout as my pace had been pretty good. I could tell that it was going to take a few more shorter runs to get my body and legs back in to the swing of things before I upped the mileage. I’m being sensible for once and taking things slow. I’ve 6 months till the marathon so there is no need to rush and push myself too hard as that will only lead to injuries.

I’ve got a half Tough Mudder next weekend which I’m really looking forward to. It’s only between 5 and 6 miles so I’m confident that I can easily do the distance, though the obstacles that require upper body strength I might struggle with as weight training has taken a bit of a hit as I’ve been dog sitting this week so the gym sessions have only been short 30 minute sessions. I’ve also managed a 2 and half mile run so far this week and will look to do another slightly longer run tomorrow and possibly one on Sunday too.

After the Tough Mudder I will get running at Brixworth Country Park again. The 6.7 mile circuit around a beautiful reservoir setting is great for training and the perfect place to start to increase my mileage by completing more laps of it. The route is relatively flat with only a few minor uphill gradients so it’s ideal for marathon training and setting a good pace. I want to be able to do 10 miles comfortably by the end of the year and then move on to two laps which is nearly 14 miles. The aim before the marathon is to complete 3 laps to take me to my training goal of 20 miles. With the proper training regime I should hopefully have something left in me on the day to surpass this distance and run the final 6 miles to complete the marathon. I’m sure the adrenaline and crowd on the day will be a huge help too.

I will be following a 10 week marathon training schedule when the time is right so I don’t end up doing too much or too little running and it will help break up my sessions with slow and fast runs mixed with walking too. By the 10 weeks to go point I should be comfortably doing 10-14 miles which is perfect for the plan I’m going to follow. Of course if you have any tips and tricks that can aid me then please feel free to leave a comment!

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