One of the best!

It’s back to reality for me after an amazing 3 and a half week honeymoon in New Zealand and Australia. I had it in my mind that I would try and keep the training up while I was away but with so much travelling this really didn’t happen. I did go to the gym a few times but when it came to running I was largely too shattered from the travelling and doing so much walking too.

I actually felt a bit guilty for not running and when I got to Sydney I had a major urge for going for a run after seeing so many people doing it. I’ve never ran in a city before and couldn’t miss out on the chance. Fortunately my hotel wasn’t too far from Sydney’s botanic gardens so I got my trainers on and went only for a very brief half an hour run but it was easily one of the best runs I’ve ever done.


My run took me along Sydney Harbour, past the stunning Opera House with the Harbour Bridge towering in the background and then into the botanic gardens. Such beautiful scenery in the gardens helped with the amazing views of the city skyline. So much bird life too including the Ibis and vibrant coloured parakeets. It felt great to be running again but I could tell I hadn’t been for a view weeks as my legs really struggled but not enough to stop me running up the steps of the Opera House and around the building on the return leg. Sydney really is an amazing city and to say I’ve ran past such iconic buildings is pretty cool.

IMG_6556 IMG_6552

IMG_6527 IMG_6555

With all the eating out I did while I was away I really don’t feel in particular good shape so the hard work most definitely starts now. It’s time for a healthy eating plan and to get back into the swing of regular runs. I’ve a Tough Mudder Half in a couple of weeks so that will be a good start in getting me back into it all. I was looking at doing a half marathon in the Great Eastern run in Peterborough in October but I was fortunate enough to get tickets to see Biffy Clyro do a small acoustic set in London which was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse! I will therefore be looking at doing some more 10K races instead and leave the half marathon till early next year.

Also, now with wedding and honeymoon planning out of the way I can also concentrate on my fundraising. There will be a cake sale at my work in October which will get the ball rolling nicely and I’ve a few more ideas in the pipeline. Again, if anyone has any ideas or wants to help with the fundraising by putting an event on doing their own cake sale at their work please let me know as I am going to need as much help as possible.

My jetlagged brain is making this post quite hard to write so I’m going to wrap it up with the link to my fundraising page –

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