Desborough 10K race

My training so far has consisted of my usual few miles out and about the streets of Rothwell. I did my first 8 mile run in quite some time at the weekend to see how my new trainers cope on a longish run. I’m happy to report that they are all good and extremely comfortable and the weekend before I used my off trail trainers over the fields of Rothwell and Desborough in the pouring rain and they were truly brilliant in the muddy conditions. They are definitely going to help in future Tough Mudder and other off trail events that I do!

So last night I ran my first official 10K race – the Desborough 10K. I signed up a few weeks ago and completely forgot that the Euro 2016 footy tournament is on and I was especially annoyed as Wales were in the semi finals and I really wanted to watch the match. I therefore was on a mission to get the race complete in a good time so I could watch the second half.


The course was a 2 lap multi-terrain course starting at West Lodge Rural Centre running past the sheep, goats, cows and horses before crossing fields and then joining on to a normal road setting back to the Centre. It really was a very well organised and lovely run in the rural setting soaking up the wildlife and countryside and to top it all off all participants received a bottle of wine for completing the race!


I don’t always time my runs but I can usually do 10K in around 52 minutes if I push myself and keep a constant 8 and a half minute mile. I found for my first proper race that you can’t help but get swept up in it all which helps push you even more. I absolutely smashed my target of 52 minutes and did it in 48 minutes! That’s an 8 minute mile throughout and easily my personal best! I really did push myself and it makes me think that I could properly do a 10K even faster if the course was only on road and not multi-terrain. Out of 239 participants I finished 65th which I’m really chuffed about for my first race. You can see my full results below.


My training is going to take a big hit soon when I’m out of the country for pretty much all of August on my honeymoon. I will no doubt be doing lots of walking but I can’t see me doing any runs unless I can get on a treadmill in the hotels which have gyms. I can’t think about it too much and will go and have a fantastic time as there is still plenty of time to train before the marathon. I’ve already a Tough Mudder Half planned for September so that will get me back in the swing of it all and I will look to book a half marathon for around October time, I’m thinking the Perkins Great Eastern Run in Peterborough might be ideal.

Remember you can donate towards my marathon run for Meningitis Research Foundation online here, thank you!

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